What Is Alkaline Water ?

Alkaline water is nothing but water with a pH value higher than 7. Many medical experts and researches in this field believe that Alkaline Water Filter is helps people with excess acidity as it neutralises the acid flux in the body.


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Water is one of the major components of our body, thus it is majorly responsible for your health & fitness. Alkaline water is the hallmark of healthy drinking.


Medically it has been seen that water is the root cause for the majority of diseases. And just by drinking healthy water one can determine healthy lifestyle.


It has been scientifically tested that drinking alkaline water is one of the best ways to stay healthy and it also acts as a cure for a lot of daily stomach problems.


Alkale Fresh machines for alkaline water are of top superior quality that is certified machines and recommended by hundreds of customers.


Alkale Fresh water filter uses modern technology that helps to maintain the required ORP and pH level of water and keeps the essential minerals intact. The alkaline water thus produced boosts the overall immunity of the body.

About Us

Alkale Fresh is one of the leading brands in the making of fine technology & machine for alkaline water.

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Our Vision

To create a healthy eco-system through which we can ensure that nobody should suffer from waterborne disease.
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Why Us

Our machines are certified and recommended & supported by hundreds of customers leading a healthy lifestyle.
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Our Goal

To touch 1 million people and make them drink healthy water and live healthily.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the best of your health and disease-free life you should use an Alkaline water filter.

Alkaline water is boon for your body as its detoxifies the core and prevents your body from various diseases like Kidney, heart, acidity, liver problem, balance body pH, weight issues, anti-aging and many more, the list is endless.

Akaline water filter Traditional RO
a. Maintain pH balance from 8-9 a. No pH
b. Full of minerals, anti-oxidants, and TDS is b. Very Low TDS i.e., 20-30
c. Alkaline in nature which helps in miantaining nature of body which is alkaline. c. Highly acidic therefore, makes body ‘Acidic’

Alkaline water cleans the body, alkaline water flushes out all the acidic toxins from your kidneys helping in maintaining good kidney health; resulting in oxygenated and pure blood giving the body all the health benefits.

Research shows that the Alkaline water reduces the problem of colitis and constipation and pH balanced water keeps the digestive system healthy and active.

Yes, Alkale fresh filter machine uses the natural method of water purification.

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